Esto Books announces the publication on NEWSVINE of 10 SECOND PRAYERS — Revolutionary Spirituality to Rock a Sleeping World
Published for the cappucino-priced figure of a mere $2.99, this beautiful new text will spice up your life, whether you memorize these, share them or place them prominently in your bulletins and other messages.
The author of these prayers is Stephen C. Rose and you can find him and his 230K followers @stephencrose on Twitter. Rose, whose Esto Books are publicized exclusively on NEWSVINE, has well over 100 killer books on Kindle and they are poised to light up the whole globe with a brand new philosophy for this brand new century.
10 SECOND PRAYERS (POETICS) by Stephen C. Rose
Go and grab your copy of these remarkable prayers now. Want to see a sample? Just click the address above and you can read the first of these.
Rose intends to build his million-seller publishing empire without spending a dime on advertising. Using Kindle to publish. Using NEWSVINE to tell the world. And Twitter as his home page.
Be among the first to say you were there when this great venture took its first step to mega-success.

Originally published at on September 16, 2016.