Funny in a way that O'Reilly and Krauthammer don't have any more idea than anyone else about the GOP race (Video)

Is Sarah Palin Preparing for a Presidential Run? - Interviews - The O'Reilly Factor - FoxNews.com I watched this whole video with the idea I would pick up something I did not already know. No success. The only real error I heard was K saying that Petty's Texas record has been good. That will not pass muster if he gets into the race. In that sense all three of the alleged front-runners have near fatal flaws. If Palin comes in that would make four. In order of name they are: No one likes him. Marcus, etc. Secession and W. And Quitter. And the only thing they seem to have waiting in the wings is Rotund Wise Guy. That makes five stooges in my book. I would say Somalia and the GOP have one thing in common - famine.

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