JSTOR:and the Federal Government earn a failing grade

JSTOR: Taxon, Vol. 29, No. 1 (Feb., 1980), pp. 1-13: "You are viewing the first page/citation. Full-text access may be available if you are affiliated with a participating library or publisher. Check access options or login if you have an account." I will never have an account with you. You are part of the problem not the answer. The arrest of Aaron Swartz for standing up against you is a terrible blot on the DOJ and something you should work to get undone. And I don't just mean dropping charges because the downloaded material was returned. You are to be commended for doing that. Now you should make your site free to people who are seeking knowledge and who are not part of the organizations that pay you.  I searched for Aaron's name on your site and got this page. It was perfect. An example of what seekers after knowledge get to stop them cold. You are said to be not for profit. I do not believe it. Profit is hidden in NFPs. The motives are financial. The result is antidemocratic exclusion in keeping with a value system that no longer has any authority in the world.

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