Alright, Bachmann lies and media pay no mind

Hullabaloo: "For a perfect example of Cokie's Law, go to about 3:55 on this video and watch Charlie Cook explain that Michele Bachmann trafficking in lies is perfectly normal and no cause for concern:"

Follow the dots above
Whether you did or didn't here is the Michelle MO
Say whatever you like that fits your narrative
Call any contradiction untrue
Restate your lie
If you get caught out simply refer to the past and say this has been completely misinterpreted from the start
Then tell the same lie again in different words

My antidote is to tell a truth that Michelle proudly admits
She opposes compromise
She would not have raised the debt ceiling
These two facts alone disqualify her from serious consideration

Progressives need to stick with what people will regard as true and as less than admirable

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