I would not call the past decade golden - misconceived is better

Defense Industry Faces Profit Losses As Golden Decade Ends: "In the decade since the Sept. 11 attacks, the annual defense budget has more than doubled to $700 billion and annual defense industry profits have nearly quadrupled, approaching $25 billion last year."

After 9/11 I immediately started writing something I titled Amnesia
It was the true account of how the President parsed 9/11 as a divine call for the end of war on earth
Not not a war on terror but a nonviolent revolution
Not for values of patriotism and strength and competition and conquering enemies

I have long since lost the mss
We never got its message
Or did we
Events since have proved its salience

There is never a guarantee that reason and salience will prevail
But there is a reasonable inference that ontological values will indeed supplant tawdry values like the ones noted above
So to struggle for democracy and tolerance and helpfulness non-idolatry is hardly a waste of energy

Revaluation of values rivals poetry as the most powerful force of all
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