What if Jesus was proved a fiction?

Alvar Ellegaard: Jesus the Myth, Man of the Indefinite Past: "Ellegård concludes that the story of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified by Pilate, was a fictional construction."

He would join Hamlet and Lear and Falstaff
He would not be the center of a religion
He would be a paradigm of an earthly morality
An ethic based on values at odds with those of our world
The odd thing is that billions will deny that Jesus is a fiction
But they would not at the same time suggest that he is anything but the center of a religion
The sum total of what we have inherited is a Jesus who articulated values that Christians largely ignore
These include place Abba first - non-idolatry
Respect for the other and for all - democracy
Loving your neighbor and your enemy - helpfulness
And not judging others - tolerance
Why the disjuncture
For one thing 2000 years is not that long a time
We are only a percent or two along the way

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