Rick Perry is America's worst nightmare

Rick Perry: 'I hope I'm President Obama's worst nightmare'

The only question 
Is is it best be defeat him immediately and see the GOP self destruct
Or is it better to allow a Bush 3 revival GOP unification revival under the Perry Mantle of Distortions and Lies that he will inflict upon a gullible media and an uncertain public
The risk of a Perry victory suggests that the answer is to nip this in the bud

Rick Perry is an avowed secessionist as Sarah Palin has also been
Rick Perry is an active proponent of theocracy and theocracy in his book trumps democracy
Rick Perry's jobs record is the product of factors that do not exist in the rest of the country and behind the record runs unemployment that has risen more than in New York State
But more than any of these damning realities is Perry's neocon stance

The only good reason for wanting Perry to be the nominee is to force Obama into a tougher commitment to reduce the footprint of the military around the world
By forcing Perry to confess his neocon proclivities we will have 2004 all over again
But this time the incumbent president can and I believe will beat the neocon job diminishing theocratic secessionist Bush 3 aka Rick Perry
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