Billionaires work their remaining employees like dogs while downsizing all the more

As Hotels Outsource Jobs, Workers Lose Hold On Living Wage: "Hotel workers in this town say their workloads have increased in recent years while their wages have remained flat or even fallen. In some cases, the housekeepers are expected to clean roughly twice as many rooms as they were just a few years ago, often working off the clock to meet their quota and avoid being disciplined. As the cost of living has climbed, they find themselves worse off than they were a decade ago."

We need 20 Dickensian writers to document the poverty our billionaires are creating by their support of the GOP. What Romney did to make his millions is just the pip of the downsizing iceberg. This is just one aspect of a car-centric, sprawl enslaved, drug-dependent culture. We are deeper and deeper into a totally unacceptable divide of rich and poor.

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