How Well Do Seniors Like The Computerizing of Cars?

Honda recalling 1.5 million vehicles to update software that controls automatic transmission - The Washington Post

I turned in my license recently
I was old enough to stop being on the road behind a wheel
And I was intimidated by all the buttons and other complexities I sensed on new models
I also dislike the over complexification and overloading of software programs and other computer functions in general
I just wonder how long this can go on
We have an entire generation of people who will soon be my age and who probably should be off the road
I think the Millennials are more inclined to my alienation than to ads that appeal to the rah rah car people
I think the the US has sold its soul to oil and sprawl and will reap the whirlwind
I see nothing but social wreckage
So when I hear ads that disgust me on TV with macho voices challenging me to be up to a Cadillac
I get into my hate and despise mode
If that is our culture I do not live here
And so far I can live with that choice
I am waiting for the scales to tip
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