Some Mantras Never Die

Hillary Clinton 2012 Calls Grow With Anger at Obama Debt Capitulation - The Daily Beast: "Looking as if she were about to cry, an 83-year-old Obama supporter shook her head. “I’m so disappointed in him,” she said. “It’s true: Hillary is tougher.”"

This is an absurd story but it stands to reason. The Hillary campaign was a misbegotten piece of work and the only one that came through it with distinction was Hillary herself and the one who helped her was a person named Barack Obama. President Obama is no less aware of the vast right wing conspiracy than Hillary but he is a better fighter than she would have been. He will end up the victor and he will do it in his own way. I am very glad that I was not at this event. I have a strong stomach but some things are inherently nauseating.
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