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Jackie O tapes to reveal her and JFK's affairs and who she believed was behind his death | Mail Online: "Explosive Jackie O tapes 'reveal how she believed Lyndon B Johnson killed JFK and had affair with movie star'"

Someday I will tell my Jackie story just to show that there can be normal relations between men and women that are simply what they are with no complications
Pending that I too have felt that LBJ was not innocent of motive or knowledge when it came to JFK's much longed for demise
My keywords for what I think are James Ellroy's fictional trilogy about the 1960s
Other writing that focuses on the relationship between LBJ and Malcolm Wallace 
And a general sense that the whole Oliver Stone take is a screen that does not explain the probable actuality

I am also curious about information relating to where J. Edgar Hoover was the night before the JFK assassination and where LBJ was that same night 
While I do not believe the nub of the straight account of of LBJ's mistress, I do think it raises significant unanswered questions

I also think the early release of Jackie's allegations is of massive significance in terms of the mythologies involved.
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