AOL and Yahoo Will/Should Probably Merge

The writing is already on the wall
There is only one major cash cow left 
At least that can be seen and understood
That is the organization of a proper way to get content to users
The present ways are haphazard and hard to see
Ultimately it makes sense for someone (AOL, or Yahoo or both together) 
To get their mind around the adequate compensation of content producers
And create means of distributing such content as serves the needs of users
Neither at the moment has the magic means
But using the formula free lancers of all sorts who produce content
Means of getting their content displayed to best advantage
And creation of a compensatory framework that
Sees the wave of the future as work at home in a new key
Someone will eventually crack the shell of the egg
That will give birth to a properly organized and operating
And mutually profitable
Payoff for all concerned
Whoever does this wins

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