Work at home in a new key

The first generation of work at home was the midway on the fair ground
Hawking hype transmogrifying into get rich gurus
And Trump MLMs 
And other unprofitable schemes
Many of us bit 
And got bitten in return
Now we know that there is no magic anything

The time has come for work at home in a new key
It is already with us
It is anything with an honest trajectory and competent management 
That has the good sense to hire folk to do their work at home
It is every individual who has simply developed a profitable home business
Or home profession
In the future when cyber communities exist and clusters of them
Form Cyber-cities
Working at home will look like this
Either you will physically work at home
Or walk to a kiosk where you will be in complete connection to your office
And do your work
When five ten fifteen twenty and more percent
Are working at or a short walk from home 
We will be celebrating a genuine new era
Work at home in a new key

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