Brian Schweitzer is an enemy Exxon does not want to have

Montana Gov.: Exxon Misled Us - The Daily Beast: "Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is turning up the heat on ExxonMobil, accusing the company of misleading state officials and local residents about the oil spill in the Yellowstone River. According to Schweitzer, who held a meeting to distribute jars for residents to fill with contaminated soil samples ..." Brian is one of the two of three great political figures of our time. He was my candidate for Obama's veep in 2008. He will brong Exxon to the mat for lying about its desecration of the Yellowstone River. Go Brian.

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Murdoch's anything goes is journalism's anything goes and dooms both

Carl Bernstein: Is Phone-Hacking Scandal Murdoch's Watergate? - Newsweek: "His anything-goes approach has spread through journalism like a contagion. Now it threatens to undermine the influence he so covets." The verdict is in and the fall of Murdoch just underlines it. People do things themselves when services no longer work. It will soon happen with out entire society. It does not work. People will ultimately choose what will make it work.

There is no distinction between essence and existence

There is no distinction between essence and existence
There is no distinction between being and doing
There is no A is A because we cannot know what A is
The penumbra about the Holy center leaves us
With the distinction resolved
For us essence and existence are one thing 

Wellbeing has to do with security, safety and access to peace

The Wellbeing Explosion and What’s Next: "'Next Steps: Transforming Americans' Health and Wellbeing,' Kahneman also describes why the study of emotions may be the future of wellbeing research." In short it has to do with moving past our binary, either or society with its noise, conflict and immaturity to a more sober, sedate but also light-hearted existence that thrives on things like walkable communities and simple pleasures.

Placing Abba and Abba's Will First

We do not take Jesus seriously. But his words cannot be ignored. Jesus says a prayer, teaches it, lives by it.

Thus: Let Abba's realm come. (Thy kingdom come).  Here. Now. Abundant, neighbor love-intensive, not given to display, eschewing hypocrisy. The whole nine yards. Not difficult if you know Abba within.

A civil polity

One that is humble before the challenges we face.


When Jesus uses the verb come, it means that the realm is never fully realized -- until earth and heaven are the same.

Also, the realm of Abba embraces every soul on the planet. So it's cheating to say your life is heavenly while the world goes down the tube.

Abba embraces the millions who live in prisons. It embraces Mr. Hayward. It embraces the Tea Part folk. It embraces the Obama folk.

It is no respecter of anyone.

Your will be done. Let's see. Where do we begin? In actuality, it is in following a way that we begin to understand the will and to do it. Acts of helpfulness. Acts of tolerance. Acts that spread democracy (nonviolently). Acts that manifest a rejection of idolatry. Jesus summed it up. Get yourself together. Then love the one next to you as you love yourself.

Extend this to all and you get the idea.

John Boehner Says Eric Cantor's Elocution Lessons are Paying Off

I swear that Eric Cantor will replace me yet. He is flawless in his elocution now. He almost convinces his worst enemies. The last person to do that big time was Dick Nixon. What's a simple Ohio boy going to do against such instruction?

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Mildred Purse on the New York Times and Rupert Murdoch

The New York times is evidently taking some pleasure in the fate of Rupert Murdoch which is very nice since the Times is completely without scandal and clean as a hound's tooth. It would be ironic if there was in the ranks of the Times' new hires replacing those laid off another Jason Bl - what was his name? 

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Note To Core Integral Abba Is Creating The Global Spiritual Awakening

Here's how. Abba is in everyone. More and more people are seeing that creeds do not cut it, that way if life is where it's at. More and more are understanding that values, willed values, tell the tale. More and more are seeing that the virtues we have thought were values are just what they are - virtues that can be respected but not willed. Values are inherently what we act upon. You do not act on heroism or honor though these may characterize your attitude and inclinations. The active values of spiritual awakening are those Jesus made manifest in the Gospel of Mark. They are first non-idolatry - placing Abba first and worshiping nothing and no one. The three active values are democracy, helpfulness and tolerance. These interact and with non-idolatry create progress in the world which is what Jesus was and is about. The notion that you can organize a global spiritual awakening is fatuous. The movement is massively bigger than any individual or organization. That is its power and its potential for victory.

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