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Google should be leading the world beyond the automobile

Google's Robot Car Crashes - The Daily Beast

Google defends itself because it says a human being was driving its vastly over-hyped robot car Google should be leading the world beyond the automobile The problem with Google is that its people are too rich to be aware of just how wrecked our society is That wealth breeds a sense of omnipotence and arrogance Of course people are delighted to get jobs there But in the world Google cannot see The world the rest of us live in The view is different The creation of a robot vehicle helps maintain our car oil fixation Google should build a car free cyber city with integral ideas And Google should revolutionize our mentally-impaired zoning But instead it creates a robot car that wrecks because it requires a human driver I am amazed at all this When the best minds as the poet said It is not even worth a howl Just a shake of the head

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How Well Do Seniors Like The Computerizing of Cars?

Honda recalling 1.5 million vehicles to update software that controls automatic transmission - The Washington Post

I turned in my license recently I was old enough to stop being on the road behind a wheel And I was intimidated by all the buttons and other complexities I sensed on new models I also dislike the over complexification and overloading of software programs and other computer functions in general I just wonder how long this can go on We have an entire generation of people who will soon be my age and who probably should be off the road
I think the Millennials are more inclined to my alienation than to ads that appeal to the rah rah car people I think the the US has sold its soul to oil and sprawl and will reap the whirlwind I see nothing but social wreckage So when I hear ads that disgust me on TV with macho voices challenging me to be up to a Cadillac I get into my hate and despise mode If that is our culture I do not live here And so far I can live with that choice I am waiting for …

China Should Mind Its own Business Its Future is Bleak

China demands U.S. 'live within its means' -

I want to be very clear By minding its own business I mean China's business decisions The time will come when we do not do as much borrowing from China As far as I can see China is emulating the United States This is not good business We have built up a culture and society that does not work We have fallen prey to the big oil game We have invested too much in cars China is acting as though we are the Major Domo China has cut back on its eco program We have no alternative to continue with ours All told I would suggest that China's business is no less shaky than ours

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S&P should retract its downgrade

S&P Downgrade: How the Ratings Agency Is Now Partnering With the Tea Party - The Daily Beast: "S&P Goes Tea Party
Math-challenged and politically driven, S&P’s Friday night credit demotion puts the ratings agency on par with the Tea Party. Zachary Karabell on why that’s dangerous."
If it does not retract it should join Scalia, Thomas and the Tea Party in the corner.

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