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A false opposition

3quarksdaily: Sentimentality or Honesty? On Charles Taylor:

"... how the Western liberal can reconcile a preference for liberal democracy with the illiberalism necessary for cultural preservation or self-preservation ... "
This is a false opposition because it assumes the impossibility of accommodating the two. The only way to do this is to acknowledge which is the higher value. Democracy trumps ethnic self preservation if they are in direct conflict. But when democracies are working well, the ethnic realities can be preserved within the context of a greater and more fundamental unity.
In the case of Quebec I do not feel that the maintaining of French as a dominant language is a barrier to such larger unity.

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This is the least of Perry's sins

Did Rick Perry Turn Texas Public Schools Into Creationism Indoctrination Centers? | TPMDC: Gov. Rick Perry's claim to a child in New Hampshire Thursday that Texas public schools teach both Creationism and evolution would come as a surprise to educators and students across the country. The Supreme Court had the last word on this in the 1980s when seven justices ruled that teaching Creationism as fact violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Let's get this straight. We know he is playing the religious right game. We know he is playing the secession game. But all of this is dross and tinsel because underneath it all this is Bush 3 and that is what should strike fear into every American with any memory. Everything he does is for political effect. He serves the big corporations with big oil (Koch et al) at the center of the ruling clique. He is the same reflexive and obedient servant that W was and the result is unalloyed evil and we forget that at our peril.


Hardly crazy for an also-ran to speak truth and win some independents

Jon Huntsman Goes 'Crazy,' Says Climate Change Exists - The Daily Beast: The presidential candidate caused a Twitter explosion by acknowledging the existence of global warming. Jill Lawrence on whether that is an unforgivable heresy in today’s GOP.
Huntsman is GOP prior to the post-Reagan wingnut chaff we now have.

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Isn't it strange that Joran van der Sloot is on everyone's mind still

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Yes and last I heard Joran van der Sloot was in jail in Peru

What can it mean Is it a coalescence anger and murder Or the lure of the unresolved It is not hostile He is not Casey Anthony Not Hannibal Lecter either Maybe it is his looks He is a sort of avatar who could be us Ah how damning is that He pushes buttons from his isolated space And thus exerts a sort of ghostly power Perhaps it's catch me if you can On steroids in the mind In Peru they want him gone
Yesterday a man was killed by us We used a lethal cocktail Here in the USA He had committed murder we said We do not know his name
It would be the same with Joran Were he not Joran Now I think I understand

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Never believe an insistent umpire

Joe Torre: Umpire misunderstood ground rules on home run call in Yankees-Royals game | News: Despite the obvious misunderstanding of the ground rules, Torre said the issue was moot and the final score stands. Yankees manager Joe Girardi didn't protest the game, which he must do prior to the next pitch after the incident, Torre added. Girardi second-guessed himself for not doing so.

"He said, 'It's clearly a home run,'" Girardi told reporters after the game about DeMuth. "Maybe I erred. I believed the umpire."

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So how do we change the behavior of nations? Try global ontological values

A solution from hell: The perils of humanitarian intervention. - By the editors of <em xmlns="">n+1</em> - Slate Magazine: That there has never been a successful humanitarian intervention does not mean that there cannot be one in the future. But the evidence is piling up.
This should get you to a single page of a thoughtful perspective on the limitations of humanitarian intervention. I would call it an oxymoron I think.
The headline is what I really think. As is this blog.

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Why don't you do the figuring yourself

MapLight Profile Pages of Deficit Reduction 'Super Committee' Members | - Money and Politics: MapLight Profile Pages of Deficit Reduction 'Super Committee' Members
All over the Web we get derivations of the info collected here. The derivations do not say who gets what in what amounts. I doubt there is any use in such stories. Best to do your own research. And credit the source. News stories have a habit of naming but not linking to the source.

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A mechanistic view of the brain is a seminal error

PsycPORT Article: But two decades of neuroscience have uncovered how addiction hijacks different parts of the brain, to explain what prompts those behaviors and why they can be so hard to overcome. The society's policy statement, published on its website, isn't a new direction as much as part of an effort to translate those findings to primary care doctors and the general public.

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With a consultant like this Perry should go far

Perry’s Legion - The Folks Behind the Man - David Carney

Mr. Perry’s chief political consultant since the 1998 campaign for lieutenant governor, Mr. Carney worked as political director for the first President George Bush. He is based in New Hampshire, where he is the chief executive and president of Norway Hill Associates and commutes frequently to Austin. Mr. Perry is his main client, but not the only one. Mr. Carney was an adviser to Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, earlier in this presidential campaign cycle, but was part of an exodus of aides who left that campaign earlier this year. He has worked for former Senators Bob Dole, Judd Gregg and John E. Sununu, among others.

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1958 does not seem so far away - life's unities trump most change

Adam Enters Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan 1958 - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

Union Theological Seminary. Founded during the liberal heyday of the 19th Century when there was money for Christianity that sat light to heavy creeds and orthodox conservatism. Morningside Heights. Manhattan. Built in stone along Broadway.

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Listen up all you potential and actual anorexics

Indian Activist Leaves Jail - The Daily Beast

If you want to get in touch with the ontological you, which contains ontological values you may not think you have - When contemplating starving yourself, consider a hunger strike By linking your action to your ontological values. Like this gentleman. See if any rose petals flutter your way. Just a thought.

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Vacate Kabul

BBC News - Attack on British Council compound in Kabul kills nine: Gunmen have stormed the British Council office in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least nine people and taking over the compound for hours.

The headline is W. C. Fields speaking He adds It's not a fit place for man nor beast When people strap crap on and are willing to blow themselves up Their heads are screwed on in a defective manner The best thing to do when you see this is to run the other way Do not throw good lives after bad It's a losing proposition The only worthy martyrdom risk is non-violent action Followed if you survive by a large martini

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Let's think about a new way of banking

Bank of America Plans Big Layoffs To Cut Costs - Bank of America is set to eliminate at least 3,500 jobs in the coming months, as the beleaguered financial giant seeks to cut costs and restructure amid deepening shareholder dissatisfaction.

How about a bank that pays interest according to poverty And the degree to which people recycle their money A person with only 1000 dollars would get a higher rate of return than a person with 10,000 Rates would rise as money was spent There would be credits for all activity according to the size of the account The 1000 person might receive a10 percent for anything from a purchase to a deposit - for everything The million account might receive one percent Activity would include transfer of funds to others This would replace conventional charity which is demeaning in many cases Ineffective in actually solving underlying problems And inefficient in producing self-motivated human beings Think along such lines for a while and build new banks that m…

These are the most stupid articles on the web

Obama Economic Strategy Targets Jobs & Growth, but Aims at 2012 Reelection - The Daily Beast: It would take someone like the Obama of the 2008 campaign to make the compelling, passionate case for that potential and the need to invest in it, but that is not—it would seem—the Obama of August 2011.
My apologies The President has done everything that would work The reason it won't is the GOP
The solution is reelection with a true majority If the people want it All the rest is gobbledegook
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A search resource worth perusing

Charles Sanders Peirce Online - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "Who is the most original and the most versatile intellect that the Americas have so far produced? The answer 'Charles S. Peirce' is uncontested, because any second would be so far behind as not to be worth nominating. [He was] mathematician, astronomer, chemist, geodesist, surveyor, cartographer, metrologist, spectroscopist, engineer, inventor; psychologist, philologist, lexicographer, historian of science, mathematical economist, lifelong student of medicine; book reviewer, dramatist, actor, short story writer; phenomenologist, semiotician, logician, rhetorician and metaphysician. " From Max H. Fisch in Sebeok, The Play of Musement via Charles S. Peirce Studies.

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Some days are just Peirce days

Delving a Bit into Charles Sanders Peirce - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

Maybe your exercise for the day will be to Bing or Yahoo or Google Peirce - Charles Sanders Peirce - and see how the Web is able to create a mass philosophical movement based on the thinking of a man rejected by Harvard, stolen from by lesser thinkers, fixated on daily development of a philosophy that by definition would always have some tentativity even as it moved to fulfillment. When one like Peirce spans many disciplines one is not merely a reject and pariah in his or her own time. One is also the sign of a future when the walls between worlds will crumble. And we will see that worlds seem nothing at all when we are no longer in them.

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Did Peirce have trouble living his own philosophy?

Charles Sanders Peirce ABC Poem - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

The fact is we all do The universal toward which we move is love Love as agape Love for others Peirce created a universalistic evolutionary framework It moves the world forward It is the most important thought since Aristotle It is only now being parsed But like Moses Peirce could not fully embrace the very truth he grasped And like Peirce we too have feet of clay So when the original sin trumpeters cry out they have a point But Peirce delivers us from creedal religion And we are happily liberated from the doctrine of original sin in favor of Fallibility The universal fallibility that means Tomorrow is another day And if at first you don't succeed And all those other good Polonius cliches

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The man who should be remembered along with Martin Luther King

Jim Robinson probably drew more white students into the civil rights movement than any other person Jim Robinson was the prime mover behind the development of the Peace Corps Jim Robinson lived and exuded the philosophy by which the well being of the community is placed ahead of the well being of the individual on the scale of values Jim Robinson is remembered by those who remember the Church of The Master Jim Robinson is remembered by those who have learned servanthood via Crossroads Africa which he founded I am not one for memorials and dwelling on the achievements of individuals But when history drops facets of necessary memory from view it is a solemn duty to remind the world of who did what in the scheme of things

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The Gospel of Mark Leads Beyond Creed

Charles Sanders Peirce my kindred spirit read Mark well
What emerges in Mark  are values that trump those inherited  from Aristotle and virtually all other philosophers and sages
Jesus rips away the dualistic frame  the binary straitjacket  and focuses us on universality  and establishes that it is an inner reality  and that with open eyes  you can perceive and choose  the values you act on Rather than the characteristics  Aristotle and others call values  Jesus creates active values  springing from one root and universal value non-idolatry  The active values inferred from the gospel of Mark  are tolerance democracy and helpfulness  Those who choose these values are already on Abba's way
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Pregnant is not a great word. But a bump?

Penelope Cruz. Can't Perez Hilton Do Better Than Calling Pregnancy a Baby Bump? - Associated Content from Yahoo! -

Life goes on

"I was pregnant through the whole movie. I found out at the beginning," says Cruz, who, with her typical directness, immediately broke the news to Depp and director Rob Marshall. "I found out before we started, and I wanted them to know because I did not want to go in with any secrets, for protection and for the honesty of my relationship with them. For six months they were all taking such good care of me."
via Penelope Cruz sails into motherhood -

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