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Now a typhoon in Japan

Typhoon Kills 20 in Japan - The Daily Beast: "A rare Japanese typhoon killed 20 people over the weekend as it passed through the Shikoku and Kinki regions. Fifty-five people are still missing in Typhoon Talas, and about 100 people are estimated to have been injured."
I am always wondering why people insist on having homes near and on water. I suspect that in this century high ground will be a good investment for the prescient.

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Beyond our current scientific horizon there is always correction

Revised August 10 2012
Beyond our current scientific horizon there is always correction Beyond our current scientific horizon vagueness obtains This can all be observed in what is visible as movement whose permutations cannot be fathomed or yet explained
JK Alternative view Point - State news: "For two-and-a-half millennia, many philosophers have supported the view that infinity is an imaginary concept which has no actual existence. Hegel arrived at a dialectical proposition which can be expressed like this: you can always imagine an unending series of galaxies following one after another, but in concrete reality, at a certain point, quantity turns into quality and a new phenomenon emerges. Whatever existed before is negated. From this point of view there may be many galaxies undiscovered, or many universes beyond our own – it is speculation – but at some point, some other property will arise that ends the tedious repetition, whether of galaxies or universes, the conception of wh…

Ponzi economy? Anyone recognize themselves in this picture?

The Ponzi Economy - TIME : "Real estate is the only major consumer market in which how much you'll pay someone depends on your belief about how much someone else will pay you. In this market, prices go up when people believe they will continue to go up. To restore confidence would mean restoring belief in the greater fool. That shouldn't be hard. It's built into human nature. This is why another term for a Ponzi or pyramid scheme is a confidence trick."

If this is true it extends to the market as well. And to business too. Everyone is hoping to make more than they put in. So let's apply radical egalitarianism to the whole shooting match and get rid of the hypocrisy. We earned it means we won in the game. No one deserves anything at the expense of another. Instead of trading for individual gain we should think about common effort using the talents of all. Instead, we do our best to humiliate and marginalize the very people who could be the most help in a common…

And then there was Sarah making one sensible proposal

The only interesting thing in a rehash of predictable GOP and Presidential stuff.
Obama, Romney to unveil jobs plans as Congress returns - "

"This is how we break the back of crony capitalism," she said in sounding a new campaign theme that evoked memories of her Alaska days when she took on an entrenched and sometimes corrupt Republican political class that was in cahoots with the oil and gas industry."
This will kill her with every major GOP big gas and oil puppet - including all in Congress and all on the Presidential trail.

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There are many general truths with regard to signs which hold good for all signs whatever

Charles S. Pierce on the Logic of Signs
. "Now there are many general truths with regard to signs which hold good for all signs whatever, of necessity; being involved in the essential nature of signs. The origin of these principles is undoubtedly the nature of the mind. But they are involved in so much of what is true of the mind as is implied in our capability of reasoning at all and which may therefore be said to be implicitly taken for granted by all men, that is, to be deducible from what everybody agrees to and must agree to before we can begin any discussion whatever in a rational way, and which is thus taken out of the special domain of psychology and made the common property of science. These principles might be evolved from a study of the mind and of thought, but they can also be reached by the simple consideration of any signs we please. Now the latter mode of studying them is much the easiest, because the examination of external signs is one of the most simple researche…

Salient Comment on Where have all the jobs gone?

Where have all the jobs gone? - CBS News:
"Technology is getting so advanced, it is replacing jobs. This started a long time ago, and when it started, a lot of people were worried that computers and technology would actually accomplish this. They were right. . . . If you have any doubts about this, just do a little reading about present-day Artificial Intelligence . . . . AI. If you think your job is not threatened by AI, you might want to update yourself on what AI is doing nowdays. So . . . now that the rich have the means to produce without having workers, do they still have the right to say that if you do not work, you should starve? Not everyone can be an AI programmer. I say we are on the cusp of a great change in society and the way things work, and, we need to find a way to adapt to it, without letting the fascists take over, nor letting common man become so lazy and complacent that he lets the fascists take over. . ."

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When Winston Churchill, the Dulles Brothers, Richard Nixon, Joseph McCarthy and William F. Buckley, Jr. gave us the Cold War

Adam Experiences What Seems to Be a Conversion 1956 - Associated Content from Yahoo! -
"In this history, it is of some importance to indicate what Adam did and did not not know at a certain time. The temptation is to credit our hero with more prescience than he possessed. What comes to mind are references to the political pall that fell on Adam's country when Winston Churchill, the Dulles Brothers, Richard Nixon, Joseph McCarthy, William F. Buckley, Jr., and others, gave us the Cold War."

More at the url above.
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Good question but truth outs and people are not entirely hopeless

Are Wikileaks and Anonymous Hackers All There Is Left We Can Rely on, with Trust in Business and Government at Rock Bottom? | Media | AlterNet: "More and more, our democracy feels like a Potemkin Village in which we make a grand show of participating in billion-dollar, ad-driven elections only to see our government captured by elites working behind the scenes. The corruption – the legal kind – is so pervasive that most of us simply turn a blind eye to it, helpless to push back."

And when provoked reality bites back.

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Scientology messengers are conspicuously unclear

Scientology Strikes Back at The New Yorker - "“I think it’s supposed to be The New Yorker,” the middle-aged woman said, pointing to the cover illustration. When asked whether Freedom was published by the Church of Scientology, she claimed not to know. When it was pointed out to her that she was standing outside The New Yorker’s offices, she said, “Oh, that must be why we’re here.”"
It's the mechanistic philosophy at work ...

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Beauty and the beast male version

Death of the typographer? | Printers | Creative Notes | Macworld: "And then there's Eric Gill. Creator of beautiful, truly innovative fonts, including Perpetua and Joanna, and Gill Sans, one of the best fonts ever hewn. He was always known to be an eccentric character, but his 1989 biography by Fiona McCarty exposed him as having molested his own children and dog—an issue Garfield skirts around by calling it "outrageous outrĂ© meanderings". We shouldn't hold back in our language in this way. The man was not a practitioner of "scandalous and ceaseless sexual experimentation," another of Garfield's mealy mouthed phrases. He was a rapist."

I suppose it is not easy to create an "average" out of this.

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True that Spacey evokes such reactions

Area Man Obsessed With Knowing If Kevin Spacey Asshole In Real Life | The Onion - America's Finest News Source:

All it proves to me is that he is iconic not because of fame but because of the correspondence between his acting and our perception of it. He seems to jell precisely when he is in his, "Well, now..." mode. This is an archtypal magnetic for mimetic behavior. I think Spacey could have given Stanley Kubrick the willies. In reality he is most likely the nicest guy ever.

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Cyber-analyzing Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut's story shapes drawn into Google Correlate - AUSTIN KLEON : TUMBLR:
"Taking a cue from Kottke, I plugged Vonnegut’s story shapes into Google Correlate using the drawing feature, and here’s what I got:

“person who is leading a bearable life, who experiences misfortune, who overcomes misfortune, and who is happier afterward for having demonstrated resourcefulness and strength” = hemorrhoids"

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Our wholesale approach to terrorism

Rightly or wrongly, 38,000 convicted of terrorism - US news - Security - "At least 35,000 people worldwide have been convicted as terrorists in the decade since the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. But while some bombed hotels or blew up buses, others were put behind bars for waving a political sign or blogging about a protest."

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The only way for Obama and for business

Obama’s decision on smog rule offers hints on environmental strategy - The Washington Post: "In some ways, the ozone regulation was easier to jettison than others, because it will come up for review again in 2013 and other air-quality rules could achieve some of the same outcomes. Key industries had made powerful economic arguments against it, warning the White House that they might not open new facilities out of concern that the standards would block their operating permits."
The broad outline of a move toward car-free and new settlement construction outlined here and in my Beyond Pattern Language blog are the only way that both business and Obama can escape the straitjacket of doom betokened by continued allegiance to compromises over the creation of unhealthy air. The minute Obama mentions car free he is toast, but that is the underlying global solution and the sooner we spread that word the sooner we will have discourse environment that favors a rational solution to poll…

Media should jettison the term Illegal Immigrants

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Given Driver's Licenses? - Topix: "Should New Mexico continue to give licenses to illegal immigrants?"
Like slaves whose name does not describe them, illegal immigrants bear the burden of public humiliation owing a name that does not accurately describe them. Chalk it up to the obtuseness of the media.
Being human trumps all other descriptions, pejorative or not. And when pejoratives are used the form should revert to whoever is casting the stones. Especially when legal processes are underway to alter status to conform more with democratic values.
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We are a shameful jail society

Breaking the Addiction to Incarceration: Weekly Highlights » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "Today, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. With over 2.3 million men and women living behind bars, our imprisonment rate is the highest it’s ever been in U.S. history. And yet, our criminal justice system has failed on every count: public safety, fairness and cost-effectiveness. Across the country, the criminal justice reform conversation is heating up."

But awareness is percolating and I've always seen 2020 as the time when we will be heavily into reform. Slow but sure. One can hope.

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Abba's Way believes that we are at a turning point in history

Abba's Way - Premises - Associated Content from Yahoo! -
"Abba's Way believes that we are at a turning point in history. One sign of this is the collapse of Christianity as a creedal religion. It was Christianity's failure to understand the intent of Jesus that all people be made aware of Abba, the one to whom he prayed, that led to this point."

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We would have an easier time if we jettisoned the term original sin

Abba's Way - Stephen C. Rose : IUniverse:

We would have an easier time if we jettisoned the term original sin a term Jesus never used, and just said we're all fallible. We know and admit that most days. We can then see the structure of evil in the world as one of continuing forgetfulness and receding awareness of our fallibility.

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Another reason why fallibilism (aka non-idolatry) should be our root value

Believing Is Seeing - By Errol Morris - Book Review - "Fact-checking is, after all, what Morris champions here. To unearth the truth, he argues, we must avoid making psychological inferences and taking ideological stands; only facts should command our attention. But no one other than the fictional Holmes possesses such a dispassionate (not to say impoverished) perspective on life, and very few people believe, these days, that facts can be plucked so cleanly from the human context."

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Fallibilism is a Synonym for The First Commandment

Fallibilism is C. S. Peirce's default for us We are all fallible We all know that but we forget When crowd mentality and hubris take control Clouding our common sense Root value ontological and logical as well Serve only the One to whom you can acknowledge fallibility By default And make your mantra The one who is one who will be Is in all those with eyes to see

Fallibilism is a Synonym for The First Commandment

Fallibilism is C. S. Peirce's default for us We are all fallible We all know that but we forget When crowd mentality and hubris take control Clouding our common sense Root value ontological and logical as well Serve only the One to whom you can acknowledge fallibility By default And make your mantra The one who is one who will be Is in all those with eyes to see