ATT's dysfunctionality fetish

How else can you describe an ad that shows a clearly hostile couple - no it isn't funny - inorder to sell one of its products. The woman looks like Martha Stewart on a very bad day. The guy looks nerdish and about ten years younger. She is bitchy. He voice-overs thoughts of marriage to someone else. Hartford used to do funny ads petty well. Brides flying across the screen. Whoever is doing these is obviously using research I cannot fathom.

This says it all for now

Occupy Wall Street protests - live coverage | World news | guardian.co.uk: "We're very explicitly not grabbing the steering wheel -- we're marching under the banner of "We Are The 99%," lending support and people power and trying to show specific examples of how private and public policies are working for the 1% instead of the 99%."

Since 2008 we have remained disunited. Now we are uniting. Because the above is something we agree upon. It is the explicit examples of how this tremendous disparity expresses itself that will convince more and more people that something needs to be done. Contrast this with the GOP which boasts it will never even consider the President's bill to create jobs now. Each live body protesting on Wall Street will be aiming to put a nail in the GOP coffin in 2012.

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Go Here for Live Occupy Wall Street Coverage

Occupy Wall Street protests - live coverage | World news | guardian.co.uk: "12.38pm: My colleague Paul Harris writes that "as some of America's biggest corporations push for a tax holiday on more than $1tn of overseas profits, a new survey has revealed that the last time such a measure was tried it ended in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs""

Just a sample. Finally the word will get out and the castle will crumble.

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Echoes of Charlie Chaplin make this Steve Jobs German Rap Video of some interest

iPhone 5 / Steve Jobs - Rap Song (Deutsch) - Let's talk iPhone - YouTube:

Some will enjoy it no doubt. There were only 67 views when I caught it.

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Hillary caves to lobbyists, is that it?

Pipeline Foes See Bias in U.S.-TransCanada E-Mail - NYTimes.com: "E-mails released Monday in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the environmental group Friends of the Earth paint a picture of a sometimes warm and collaborative relationship between the lobbyist for the pipeline company, Trans-Canada, and officials in the State Department, the agency responsible for evaluating and approving the billion-dollar project."

What's actually going on. Between the nauseating wall of TV ads put out by Big Oil (We Are America's Natural Gas - damneded right you are) and stuff like the above, I persist in thinking the Clinton's will go down in history as the quintessential incarnations of Unintended Consequences. All of them designed to cancel out anything they achieved, including the balanced budget. Let us hope in this case that I am very wrong and that this pipeline does not get built.

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As usual the President makes sense

Obama does not regret betting on Solyndra | Green Tech - CNET News: "In an interview with ABC News and Yahoo News, Obama said the policy of providing loan guarantees to clean-energy technology companies is sound despite the failure of Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy at the end of August. The company received a $535 million loan guarantee and about $1 billion in private capital. Obama said loan guarantee program is important to developing clean-energy technologies and demonstrating that that U.S. can be an exporter of manufactured goods, rather than only an importer."

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Eric Cantor never says anything you can rely on

South Carolina Primary Date Adds Urgency for Christie - NYTimes.com: "“No question that we have a very viable field now,” Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the Republican majority leader, told reporters Monday.

Unless he means in a race to the bottom. The field would not be improved with the addition of Christie. The Norquist pledge will be enough to sink any Republican. Were I running things I would defeat Cantor in his home district just to put some frosting on the cake.

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Yankees Detroit Match Up is Most Interesting

New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers - October 4, 2011 | MLB.com Preview: "But he has a message.

"You can't count me out," Burnett said on Monday. "I'm going to bring everything I've got and just let A.J. loose out there."

In Detroit manager Jim Leyland's words, the man he'll be letting loose is "Jekyll and Hyde."

That's what Porcello and his heavy sinker were throughout the regular season.

The 22-year-old right-hander went 5-0 with a 3.06 ERA in July, struggled toward a 6.82 ERA in August, then finished the season going 4-1 with a 3.55 ERA in September."

But I cannot help thinking about Jeter and crucial moments in the last two games. I really could not take that. There I've said it. I think this is a perfect match up win or lose. I also think Hughes should have been put on the mound when the strike zone shrunk last night.

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The most salient Amanda comment

World media reaction to Knox verdict - Telegraph: "“Women are responsible for only about one in ten violent crimes,” says crime expert David Canter"

We men are so boring. Sort of like billionaires. Having ten to 100x power over things, as it were. We have a shameful human condition which derives from our failure to grasp the scintilla of free choice that we have. It is a precious fund within each of us. It is called values. Ontological values placed there by whoever I Am is. These enable a person to choose between greed and community. Between selfishness and selfhood. Between violence and negotiation. Between Jesus and creed. Between obeisance to lesser deities and non-idolatry. Religion formalizes all of this and franchises it like a pie, in synch with the behavior of principalities and powers. We nomads of the universe try to move things in a reasonable way, but we do not like celebrity and freeze before media. It takes millions of us unassuming and ready to make a difference. That is what is happening now. When it is all over maybe the ratio of male to female violence will diminish a trice. We push to gain inches. But this is the century of change, of the unprecedented, of global democratic revolution.

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This is actually pretty funny (Video)

Campaign In 100 Seconds: Whatever Happened To Sarah Palin? | Election 2012:

And the morose picture at the top tells it all. Sarah could only return as Harold Stassen.

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Why not weaken the dollar a bit too?

Senate votes to proceed on China currency bill - 2chambers - The Washington Post: "The Senate on Monday voted overwhelmingly to proceed on a measure that would up the pressure on China to allow its currency to appreciate, clearing the way for a final-passage vote later this week on the bill, which has received a cool reception from both the House and the Obama administration."

In general, parity among the currencies seems to be the recipe for a more optimistic employment future. We have tons of services that would do better abroad if we achieved a somewhat less imposing fiscal barrier.

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2012 in a nutshell

Obama Says He's the Underdog in 2012 - NYTimes.com: "Mr. Obama said “absolutely” so quickly and emphatically that Mr. Stephanopoulos commented upon it. “I’m used to being an underdog,” Mr. Obama said. “At the end of the day, though, what people are going to say is, Who’s got a vision for the future that can actually help ordinary families recapture that American dream?”"

And the GOP knows it.

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Bachmann Kaput

More Bachmann Staff Members Depart - NYTimes.com: "Ed Goeas, Mrs. Bachmann’s pollster, is leaving, according to news reports quoting a campaign spokeswoman, and Andy Parrish, who moved from Mrs. Bachmann’s congressional office to Iowa full time in June to help run her campaign, will also depart, a campaign vice chairman said."

Romney seems to me the last person standing. The GOP will gulp, deliver a wan smile and move into Swift Boat mode courtesy of Koch and others and the noise of the GOP will be drowned out by the themes of We Are All Americans. (This song of mine, performed by Roy Clark, will open when you click the link. You can mute it by the usual means.)

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Charlie is histrionic but mostly on target (Video)

The Greatest Speech Ever Made - Digg: "youtube.com — One of the most important speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin."

The two things he misses are the primacy of nonviolence as a global revolutionary means consistent with what is sought and thinking that is not binary but triadic, that goes somewhere by moving from sign through brute fact to experimental development. It's not the greatest speech but it down hit most of the points.

Alabama should be ashamed of itself

More than 200 Hispanic students absent in Huntsville following immigration law ruling | al.com: "HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- More than 200 Hispanic students failed to show up for school in Huntsville Thursday, the day after a federal judge allowed most of Alabama's new immigration enforcement law to take effect."

I suppose I should hang this on the judge, but it was the state that passed the law. And I devoutly hope our global democratic revolution will sweep it away ASAP. I will not depend on the tacky Justices of the Supreme Court's "conservative" majority to do anything but nod their well-fed heads. Immigration should be free in response to the conditions of the market. That would be true conservatism.

Using light to transmit data

The internet of tomorrow: Faster, better and cheaper: ""CIAN is aimed at transforming the Internet to a high-speed network that uses less energy, is more reliable so that it reconfigures itself around network impairments, is scalable to make it suitable for a growing number of end users, and is not too costly," said Nasser Peyghambarian, chair of photonics and aasers in the College of Optical Sciences at the UA."

Of course it was a few million from the government that got this on track a few years back. Tell that to the evil Koch Brothers.

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The Occupy Wall Street Action is A Little Bit Like Obama

Occupy Wall Street: A U.S. version of the Arab Spring? - The Week:

When the President began he created almost 300 objectives which I duly gathered and kept putting out there.  (Sample.) But few people inferred that the President is actually aware of how complex the redoing of our society is. I sense that the admirable reticence of the demonstrators a few miles from where I type this is not unrelated. What is wrong with out society cannot be dealt with by a list of demands. Only an approach will work. That approach needs to be the All of Us approach not the Us and Them approach. It has to be a hundred today, a thousand tomorrow, a million next week and the nation over time. That will be the wonder and glory of our democracy in full winter bloom. And it is appropriate that its heart be that of persons who will live many more years of their life beyond the year 2020 than before. The rest of us can say, I may not get there with you, but ...

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