And here are some places you can go without moving an inch

The 45 Places to Go in 2012 - NYTimes.com:

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Travel is virtual
To have been someplace is always then
But you can return to places and states at will
That is often as good as the nuts and bolts of going somewhere
With that in mind here are some places to go without moving an inch

1. Books - Recently I have been in ancient Egypt courtesy of the often-entertaining Herodotus. He can be found on my Kindle. Most books I like best are either available free or for a few pennies.

2. Watching things. Today I walked over to the Kips Bay Loews and plunked down $6 to see the Gary Oldman Tinker flick. Preppie spies from the 30s. I went to Budapest, north of London and to various central London spots that reminded me of time I once spent a few feet from Hyde Park Corner.

3. The best of all. Places to go in thought. There is no place one cannot go. The worst inhibition may well be to fear expressing a thought once you have it. I presume one has a thought when one garners a SIGN and then RECOGNIZES IT and then determines a DIRECTION. That amounts to having an idea. This happens all the time, sometimes simultaneously as our minds are just aching to be used. Impatient in fact.

Some ideas turn into Nobel Prizes and then you get a free trip to pick up the award. 

Enjoy whatever journeys you may take.

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