Dear Barack These Are Both Dumb Tactics

Democrats Target Romney After Iowa Win - NYTimes.com: "Do they go the flip-flopper route? Or do they go the out-of-touch, protector-of-Wall-Street route?

The two tactics are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and in fact, the president’s re-election proponents have in recent days been gleefully highlighting both aspects of Mr. Romney’s public persona."

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They might be openers but they have no predicates. The truly effective tactic is to brand Romney as the man who is trying to buy this election because he is in touch  with Wall Street. He -- ing made Wall Street via his savvy Bain tenure. Tie this slash and burn fact, public-be-damned to a populist skewering of the GOP. I cannot believe the Times report above. I hope you can go deep enough to understand. Learn about your opponent!


You may not have to worry. He might not be the nominee. Have some folk working on Newt.

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