I gave up vacations long ago, flying too

19 Web Sites for Travel Savings in 2012 - NYTimes.com: "HIGHER hotel prices, airline capacity cuts and rising travel demand mean travelers will have to work harder to find a good deal in 2012. But there are plenty of online tools to help keep your vacation expenses in check. Here are 19 go-to Web sites to help you save money this year."

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Maybe I'll take a train and watch a ballgame in Tampa in March. Never say never I know. But it seems to me there must be a category between the 99 percent and the one percent. How else could anyone afford to travel. Then there is the implicit reification in the name your own price dynamic. From the corporate point of view it translates to squeeze the last nickel. There I've rained on everything. In defense of sitting on the front stoop. Oh I forgot, we don't have one.

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