I think I see both duck and rabbit at once

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And from Kirsti:

About fifteen years ago I started to see both the duck and the rabbit in the picture. Earlier it had been impossible, the figures I saw just changed from one to the other. The second step in experimenting consisted of changing the figure at will. Then I could choose to see the rabbit or the duck as I chose.

Every now and then I used to take up looking at the duck or the rabbit, as I chose, as a past time. - Not very often, though. - To my surprise, it once happened that I saw both, simultaneously.

Within Gestalt theory, it is supposed to be a human universal that these kinds of figures are seen in an either/or way. - Well, it only takes one case to to prove an assumption of universality wrong. - Just as it takes only one case to prove a possibility.

I do not know any drawing with three changing figures. - Well, now that that think again, I do. It is this very same duck/rabbit picture. Seeing both simultaneously IS the third figure.

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