It is difficult to get into the head of an infant

The Complete History of Adam Panflick: Book Two:

"It is difficult to get into the head of an infant, to know what goes on in there. In the case of Adam Panflick, this difficulty is eased a bit by an early photograph which clearly shows that he is the child of his parents. His dark brown eyes and their placement under a dominating forehead suggest not merely a dogged determination, derived from Melchizedek, but the aesthetic basis of Mildred’s character — not merely a surface sense of beauty but an existential, life and death thing, what theologians call ultimate concern."

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Slowly but hopefully surely I am posting the eight books of the Panflick history to their own blog and posting excerpts here to indicate its themes and possible interest. Ultimately the number of books should at least double. Book two deals with the infancy of our hero during the late 1930s.

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