It will take a long time to sort this out properly

News anchor, anti-abortion activist to be the ‘face’ of Minnesota anti-gay marriage amendment | The Washington Independent: "Kalley King Yanta, a former anchor for a Minneapolis-based television station and an anti-abortion-rights activist, has joined the Minnesota for Marriage group to anchor videos intended to convince Minnesotans to vote for the anti-gay-marriage amendment on the ballot in 2012. The videos — and Yanta — have come under immediate scrutiny.

“The Minnesota Marriage Minute videos are an exciting opportunity to promote a respectful dialogue about the future of marriage in Minnesota,” said John Helmberger, chairman of Minnesota for Marriage, in a recent statement announcing the videos."

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The premise of this entire issue is wrong.

1. States should require civil unions of those who wish to have the benefits civil union confers.

2. Religions can define marriage any way they wish.

3. Religion should not shill for the state but it does proidigally with no regard for the contradiction nor the hypocrisy whenever a clergyperson speaks with the power vested by the state.
4. Those who seek to outlaw gay marriage are seeking to create a law based on an establishment of religion.

5. In a ceremony celebrated apart, and distinct from, the act of civil union, religions can hallow any sexual union they please. Or celibate ones for that matter They can have ceremonies for everything they please.. Only a civil union conducted by the state should have legal standing. What religion does is what religion does and this comes down finally to local gatherings. Gay or straight, if you want a church validation of your civil union, go get one.

6. Progressives are forced into an impossible position by the failure to understand and observe these points and it will probably take a century to achieve a modicum of reason. Some woul suggest that the church's investment in the hypocritical status quo is simply a desire to somehow hold on to folk as long as they can, and then there are fees involved.,

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