Live GOP Debate Coverage - Heck No, Opinion

Live GOP Debate Coverage - Heck No, Opinion

Romney looks nauseated
Or like a corpse

Perry is bottom fishing for votes attacking Paul
Santorum seems not worth attacking
I have never seen anyone project less leadership ability
He is inarticulate

Huntsman is weirdly OK
Dead in the water

Ron Paul speaks some truth about war and race
And the audience is silent
All the audience seems to care about is gotcha

Opinion:  The church can say what marriage is
At present it acts as a shill for the state
The state has no business legislating marriage
Clergy have no business acting for the state
Civil unions can be anything
No no one articulates this

Romney looks better when speaking than when acting as though he is interested
However listening away if I had to choose I would take Huntsman
over Romney without one hesitation
Romney is delivering canned statements
Huntsman gives a sense of having actually thought

Romney is growing noses

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