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NICOLAS STENO GOOGLE DOODLE: Logo digs deep to celebrate Danish ‘father of geology’ - Comic Riffs - The Washington Post:

"To salute Nicolas Steno, Google has dug up an especially beautiful “Doodle.”

Where the company’s homepage logo typically sits, the six letters of ”Google” become brightly colored rock layers that mark not just time, but specifically the 374th anniversary of Steno’s birth.

The Danish natural scientist — who was born “Niels Stensen” on Jan. 11, 1638 — is widely considered the father of geology."

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My. Just yesterday I picked from the ether geology as the subject of one of the kiosk schools in the new novel I have started. I am writing it backwards. Here is a snippet:

"She came forward and stood  side by side next to him, looking outward.

"I was explaining some elementary things to some children when this woman appeared and demanded information about Inge Lehman. I told her that I would gladly get the information if she would explain to the children what she was seeing. If not she would need to come back when the children were finished. Amazingly the whole thing transmogrified into a mini-seminar on Lehman's work and on the contribution of other woman scientists."

"Transmogrified. I love that.""

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