Not so fast - there is a synthesis brewing

Why Islamism Is Winning - NYTimes.com: "Political Islam, especially the strict version practiced by Salafists in Egypt, is thriving largely because it is tapping into ideological roots that were laid down long before the revolts began. Invented in the 1920s by the Muslim Brotherhood, kept alive by their many affiliates and offshoots, boosted by the failures of Nasserism and Baathism, allegedly bankrolled by Saudi and Qatari money, and inspired by the defiant example of revolutionary Iran, Islamism has for years provided a coherent narrative about what ails Muslim societies and where the cure lies. Far from rendering Islamism unnecessary, as some experts forecast, the Arab Spring has increased its credibility; Islamists, after all, have long condemned these corrupt regimes as destined to fail."

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Before we allow this narrative to emit from every talking head, let's look at the Iran situation. Most people in Iran detest the regime there. The synthesis at the end of current uprisings modifies Islam and tends toward human rights and diversity and tolerance over against binary and dualistic views of the way the world works.

The Stupidity of Violence April 22, 2018

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