The NYT is prevaricating and it should know it

The Calculations That Led Romney to the Warpath - NYTimes.com: "If Mr. Romney does win here on Tuesday, it will have been through a blistering and unrelenting series of attacks. His campaign has pressed everything at its disposal into service to eviscerate Mr. Gingrich, painting him as an erratic, unreliable Washington insider in mailings and television advertisements, at two critical debates here (where his team made sure Mr. Romney had ample and vocal supporters in the audiences) and even by sending supporters to mock him at his own events."

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This summarizes ten inches of so of unadulterated distortion. Nothing is wrong with it except that it leaves out the major reason Romney may beat Gingrich in Florida. The rest is pundit-fodder. Romney cannot win a single primary that is not won by an advertising edge. In the case of Florida its four to one. That's in millions. Chump change for some one on the top tenth of the top one percent. The NYT takes a good deal of time to learn what it must start mentioning as the why of its stories. Remember Iraq summer and all those anonymous sources? The why can turn out to be the lassitude of the media. Come come.

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