Rezoning, Redesign & National Security

If we did a study that integrated accidents, weather emergencies, fire and flood
We might find that the biggest threat to national security is living as we do
While we lavish our best minds on gadgets and apps
We lavish money on making a crumbling infrastructure last
Meanwhile banks sit on three trillion

I have a proposal

Rezoning - 
Encourage a mix of residence, work, play, commerce,  education, social gathering

Redesign -
Design whole communities looking beyond the obsolete single family house and the defective high rise
Make such communities dense enough for a vibrant local economy
Make them car free
Make them like cars - people can choose the skins they live in 

National Security -
Building new cyber-communities from scratch
Enables location away from shores and cyclone corridors
And design calibrated to smart safety
And even explicit protection from likely threats from weather, etc.
Not to mention eco-sanity and energy independence

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