This stems from the deity complex of the most wealthy.

Wheelies: The Blame-Game Edition - NYTimes.com: "• On Thursday night, during the Republican Party presidential candidates debate in Sioux City, Iowa, Mitt Romney criticized President Obama for supporting loans from the Energy Department for Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive, each of which amounted to roughly $500 million. “So he invests as a venture capitalist in certain car companies that have electric battery power, not understanding that perhaps Toyota and G.M. could do a better job than Tesla and Fisker,” Mr. Romney said. As David Shepardson of The Detroit News wrote on Twitter, Mr. Romney did not acknowledge that the Obama administration had invested $36 billion in General Motors as part of the company’s bankruptcy reorganization in 2009. (Mitt Romney — official Web site)"

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This stems from the deity complex of the most wealthy. It simply cannot be that they would be wrong or that a fixed idea would not be true. It does no good to correct them. You are toast if you dare challenge.

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