So why not take a flying guess?

Romney Seeking Big Margin as Doubts Persist - NYTimes.com: "In the latest release of the 7 News/Suffolk University tracking poll, released as people began turning out to vote Tuesday morning, Mr. Romney leads with 37 percent. Ron Paul is backed by 18 percent and Jon Huntsman is backed by 16 percent -- essentially tied for second place."

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The NYT gives these figures precedence. My contrarian viewpoint is as follows.

Max for Romney 34 with a low of 29

Max for Paul 22

Max for Huntsman 20

Max for Gingrich 23

Max for Santorum 17

All these guys cannot hit my highs so I would say the surprises will be Gingrich and Huntsman and Romney as a fallen favorite. I would say he is lucky the vote is today. Tomorrow he might lose.

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