Some Problem With Krugman's Bandwidth Scenario

So Much Fun. So Irrelevant. - NYTimes.com: "Therefore, the critical questions for America today have to be how we deploy more ultra-high-speed networks and applications in university towns to invent more high-value-added services and manufactured goods and how we educate more workers to do these jobs — the only way we can maintain a middle class.

I just don’t remember any candidate being asked in those really entertaining G.O.P. debates: “How do you think smart cities can become the job engines of the future, and what is your plan to ensure that America has a strategic bandwidth advantage?”"

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Nice to see Krugman getting closer to the truth. What he is missing is that the university itself is part of today's problem. Each new cyber-community will become a different sort of university with the revival of something like the Medieval gild system. Everything he says suggests the evolution to cyber-communities distributed over the nation and the world.

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