The South Carolina Conundrum

Romney Wins G.O.P. Primary in New Hampshire - NYTimes.com: "MANCHESTER, N.H. — Mitt Romney swept to victory in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, turning back a ferocious assault from rivals who sought to disqualify him in the eyes of conservatives, in a contest that failed to anoint a strong opponent to slow his march to the Republican nomination."

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So far Mitt has been his worst enemy and his best friend. Speaking acceptably gripping cliches while extracting foot from mouth. As he juggernauts forward, brimming with shaky confidence, I doubt that he will appear a final winner. He will likely lose in South Carolina or have a victory too tepid to create confidence. The more things move the more he will appear as an ultimate loser. The tell in all this is the gravitation of Rush Limbaugh to Romney's side. This is a kiss of death. As a damaged GOP nominee, Romney will be stretched so thin as to appear ephemeral and ultimately not up to the task at hand. It is a new skin old skin thing from the annals of wine parables.

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