Tyler Brûlé - Mr. Zeitgeist - This is The Fate of the Liberal Arts

Tyler Brûlé - Mr. Zeitgeist - NYTimes.com: "ON a rainy Thursday last month, Tyler Brûlé huddled over a cappuccino at Le Pain Quotidien in Greenwich Village, offering a peek at the future: a Heritage G2 tabletop radio designed for Monocle 24, a new radio station he is starting."

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Seems to me that the liberal arts devolved into this content-free piece which exemplifies the NYT's long term commitment to assisting its readers to become power consumers without reflecting too much on the way the system actually works. It's a permission thing. A nod to ignore the beast.

Then there is this:

Should Tyler Brûlé get his just deserts after MediaGuardian 100 vote scandal? | Media | guardian.co.uk: "An investigation revealed that Brulé's 160 last-minute votes were all cast from a single internet address. And the IP address corresponded to ... the London headquarters of Brûlé's publishing group, Winkreative."

Shades of Sarah Palin.

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