We need a reification index and other ramblings

Reification is treating persons as things
To reify is ti thing-ify
Funny when corporations are seen as people 
Corporations treat US as things
This is not some late gripe
It's been happening for some time
It touches me whenever a service is suspended
Whenever barriers are put out that tell me I cannot cross the street here
And most pervasively when an automated voice engages me on the phone
It touches me when Gillette comes out like clockwork with a new blade
Then makes older ones unusable of too costly to bother with
We need a  reification index to record the
Degree to which we are turned into things
By society

Bureaucracy is essentially reifyiung
Do is using our data to advertise to us

We are paying million dollar salaries with our data
Maybe we should charge for it

I am aware I have narrowed the definition of the term reify
It is too good a word not to use to mean what I say it means

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