Does Everybody Have To Be Monetized?

From the buzz about needing to move from old forms of education to instruction in being entrepreneurs, you would think so. I can see a zillion community colleges revving up to teach us all to use social networks to make our fortune. I have always thought the greater part of what we call work is a charade. An excuse to earn. A veil of hypocrisy for the most part. The exemption in the past has always been for those who worked by the sweat of their brow. Or who applied massive skills to achieve something of value. But since all the rest need to live, the charade persists. I am still not sure if this is not the case. But I do know that even if we do not need to make a living, it makes sense to act as if we do. Thus I have monetized myself. Note to your right the word Store! If a million of you patronize it I will be written up as an exemplar of monetization.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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