It will come down to the Supreme Court

Focus on Social Issues Could Shape Battle for Women - NYTimes.com: "Rick Santorum creates a stir by speaking out against prenatal testing. Virginia’s governor and legislature get caught up in an emotional debate over requiring women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound. President Obama, under pressure, recalibrates his position on health-insurance coverage of contraception for employers with religious affiliations."

President Obama will win because women do not wish to be continually dissed and threatened by men who profess to be Republican but are actually the prime apostles of hyper-government interference in the most intimate areas of all. Women will favor the President by more than they did in 2008. And the biggest argument will be that there may be by the grace of the deity a chance to modify the unseemly "conservatism" of the Court. Were they truly conservative we would have nothing to worry about. Plainly the current majority wants to allow men to interfere in all ways personal and political.

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