My 6 Internal Willed Ingredients For Success

Mark Zuckerberg’s 6 Ingredients For Success | TechCrunch: "This week Facebook filed its S-1 to go public. Mark is 27. How Mark managed to launch a social networking site after Friendster had crashed during MySpace’s zenith has been widely chronicled. What’s been less discussed is how Mark mastered the six requirements to succeed, namely Ambition, Vision, Determination, Execution, Luck and Timing."

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1. Tolerance - a strength which enables you to listen and not judge and consider without jumping to conclusions.

2. Helpfulness - an ingredient which establishes that your goal is not just self-aggrandizement, a wider horizon shown by specific actions daily.

3. Democracy - an ideal which insists that each living being has the same rights as those you claim and assume for yourself. The revolutionary underpinning of progress.

4. Non-idolatry - the capacity to see the limits of sight and to approach all communications with skepticism if they claim to be more than what you can subject to fallible but reasonable tests. Nothing is held to be absolute. Life is led with allegiance to the values noted here, but with an awareness of incompleteness and the need for slow and arduous progress.

5. Independence - defining success not as thew world defines it, eschewing fame, putting off airs, understanding that ultimately things are between you and Abba who is within - or whatever name you give to the reality of your connectedness to everything.

6. Staking your claim - claiming your inherent contribution, the right to manifest it and tbe capacity to discipline yourself to operate in terms of these criteria.

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