Brett M. Kavanaugh deranged judge

Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court on Health Care : The New Yorker: "Brett Kavanaugh"

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Anyone who was a protege of Ken Starr
Has one strike against him in the derangement department
If he believes some of the truly crazed Clinton stuff
That is strike two
And if he then opines that a President Santorum would have the legal power to
Zap Health Care even if it was upheld by the Supreme Court
He would be struck out and probably relieved of his post
But things are so crazy now that
This joker probably will be the next FOS&T (Friend of Scalia and Thomas)
On the Supreme Court if Santorum or Mitt or Newt should become President
I never thought that sanity would become my number one argument for reelecting President Obama

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