Ah Wal-Mart We Barely Knew Thee

At Wal-Mart in Mexico, a Bribe Inquiry Silenced - NYTimes.com:

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But now the NY Times has bared a lesson that ought to tell us all
that cover-ups are just as likely in the halls of corporations
as in  governments
and that is why all other things being equal we should honor whistle-blowers
not  excepting the likes of Bradley Manning

Tell me who should be behind bars
the Wal-Mart execs who in substantial numbers
deep-sixed a massive bribery action
or Bradley Manning who merely flagged  the banality of
our dying military
our dying spend it all in order to spend more stupidity
and so forth

If you say spare one
I say spare the other

A Pulitzer for this longest consecutive story you will ever read
in the NYT

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