The No Accountability for Attack Ads Thing is A Media Smoke Screen

The notion that Citizen's United means there is no accountability 
for the perps of horrendous attacks
translates into predominant media silence about
the known sources of attack ads
It's a smoke screen
We will know that an attack ad came from this or that Super PAC

It takes a scintilla of effort to determine who attacks come from
Media should flag the Super PACs 

There is a higher justice to which these sad operations are accountable
There is also justice we the people can apply
Votes yes but also
we should keep an account of attack ads 
For every 1K the perps spend
we will unearth one nauseated grass roots Republican
to create a video of alienation
from the lynch party these Super PAC Koch Rove folk are attempting 

This could be the year when attack comes back to bite the attackers

If the Court cannot be just
the people can

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Sensible Economy Brigade

The Slow as Molasses Press