Our Government Should Lead in Becoming an Open Book

Why Are There So Many Leak Prosecutions? | Secrecy News:

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Secrecy is the apple in the Eden of governance. Eat it and everything nearby eventually dies. Secrecy enables fear to become the free weapon of the powerful. It is the essence of our past history. Secrecy is the aphrodisiac of being on top of things. It gains followers. Disciples. Jesus was parlayed into being Lord of a church he never wanted to create by the attribution of secrecy to him. And yet it was a lie. The powerful are never bothered by the Wests and McCarthys because they are mere flies around the sweet smelling glue that imbeds secrecy. Everything becomes a secret eventually. It is sick, nauseating, deleterious, harmful, evil. Evil is what kills before the time. There are secrets of commission and secrets of omission. The holders of the keys heed not words such as these. They see their authors as fools or little children. I will take the latter designation but not the former. I have consorted with the powerful. They are like you and me. The biggest truths are not secret. Any child knows them. Eyes that see through perfidy detect them on the other side of the curtains erected by the secrecy-keepers. What does not tolerate leads to death. What does not help leads to death. What does not grant to all the rights vouchsafed to all leads to death. What makes an idol of power and of power's brother secrecy beings death on as sure as those whose bodies fill the ground of Iraq. Is it mercy or perversity that enables those who have knowingly killed for secrecy and its false premises to sleep well at night? America should become the first open book nation. Open the vaults. Live with the consequences of what any child can see..

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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