Dyadic relations are not reducible to the interpretant manifold

Manifolds Of Sense And Interpretation, Logic And Computation As Biophysics (or why logicians are rightly theoretical biophysicists too) - IASE:

"In 1904 Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) objected to the “Russellization” of logic on the basis that logical expressions consisting of dyadic relations are not reducible to the interpretant manifold, to the manifest non-local quality of our ongoing experience in bringing the distribution and variety of sense to actionable unity, observing that beyond the immediate composition of cause and effect statements this action is necessarily deferred to the logician. Mechanical inference from dyadic relations neglects something immediate and deferred that is actionable.

"The illusive mechanics that Peirce suggests is by definition the mechanics of biophysics, describing how sense is characterized by the structures involved and how the biophysical structure is moved from apprehension to action."

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