PT Get Serious Boycott Koch Products Updated August 20, 2012

Below a list of all Koch products. Sadly though the app that was promised a whole back has not yet appeared. Some savvy sort needs to create it. A bar code app that enables a shopper to know when a product is Koch and FOX and Limbaugh toxic. 
Failing that read the list and do what you can
Everything You Need  to Know to Boycott Koch Products 

and (not so) NEW

Want To Boycott Koch Brothers' Products While Shopping? There's An App For That - Forbes http://buff.ly/L9W8Iu


"If the Koch brothers funneled millions to Walker, it certainly wasn’t in their own names." http://buff.ly/Mrk8Ay

UPDATED June 19, 2012

This text two months old grows in urgency
Koch is not letting up 
But they will be affected by a boycott
A truly effective Democratic Campaign needs to hit the GOP and the Koch Brothers where it will hurt.
Click the link above or the image below

It is a list of everything the Koch empire sells.

Stop buying Koch products!

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