The only weapon against GOP-Koch money is votes

QUOTE from an DCCC email:

Breaking: Senate Republicans just blocked President Obama’s “Buffett Rule”, which would have closed the loopholes that allow corporate CEOs to pay a lower tax rate than the rest of us.

This is the culmination of everything the Koch Brothers have worked for, politically. They’ll destroy anything that resembles a fairer system. And they are the behind-the-scenes puppet masters orchestrating the GOP attempt to take back the White House and the Senate.

Already, they’ve been on the air with swift boat-style SuperPAC ads attacking President Obama and Senate Democrats. The only way for us to fight back is to neutralize their money with grassroots contributions.


The Obama campaign and the DCCC is digging its own grave if it gets into a money war with the GOP. What they need to do is say that for every dollar the GOP spends on attack ads they will get one more vote at the grass roots. They should do videos of the new votes they have gotten. They should CALIBRATE on the ground gains with Super PAC attack expenses. Everyone knows the truth. They are looking to see how Democrats deal with it. So far so far the approach has been mediocre or wrong. Maybe Abba wants us to sink to the bottom before we get smart. If not, we owe it to us all to act with intelligence in this contest.

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