Is there a Hidden Time Bomb in the Romney Campaign?

Good grief. I thought I had hit Romney's five most risk-producing associates - Bork, Rove, Bolton, Kochs, and now I find that the head of Melaleuca is right up there with these big boys. We'll get to this, but first some personal memorabilia. There was a phase in my life when I was working at the UN and looking for something to do after hitting the retirement age of 65. Loving the Web, I got into various Web businesses.. One was Melaleuca, a wellness company. I have nothing seriously negative to say about Melaleuca. It is dependent for its profits on the work of  affiliates. The people who are good at getting affiliates and motivating them can make out very well indeed.  But if you have no taste for the sort of effort needed to convince folk on the phone to devote their lives to  a prosperous home business,  you will struggle and perhaps take in a few hundred a month and eventually quit. That's what I did. It was interesting and entirely different from anything I had ever done. As Dylan would say, it was  "life and life only".

Now I find that the head of Melaleuca, one Frank VanderSloot, is a billionaire supporter of fellow Mormon Mitt Romney. It also emerges that Mr. VanderSloot threatens legal action against almost anyone who aims a barb at him or his company. This seems to me to set up the possibility that large players like the TV networks and the Gray Lady might investigate Melaleuca. If this elicited a high profile reaction, it is doubtful that such entities could be struck down with fear. 

You can find the extent of Mr. VanderSloot's legal responses in this copious Salon piece.

VanderSloot is co-chair of finance for the Romney campaign. He is said to have given a million to the Romney Super PAC Restore our Future. He is also said to have launched virulent attacks against the LGTB community. 

What this says to me is that Mitt was right when he underlined the severity of his conservatism. Given the folk who would like him to win, he would no doubt exceed George W. Bush in his capacity to risk what remains of our well-being. Mitt may find that the Etch-o-Sketch is broken. 

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