"Liberal Quatrains" Will Become A Kindle Book

In the past three years, I have written hundreds of quatrains to express support for President Obama and provide windows on pressing issues. I am now selecting some of them to create a Kindle book. 

Here are few.

Post Bush 2

Few people noticed few could read
Obama's body as it swayed
But I could see as plain as day
The end of the dictators' sway 

Present Farce

The economy will remain dead until
The future can be seen past oil and cars
And metro sprawl gives way to new cities
That remake life beyond our present farce 


Jesus is betrayed by all of us each day
We should not judge for fear of being judged
But sometimes we have nothing more to say
Than how can Christians act in such a way 

Hey Mitt 

Obama was not stampeded into Libya
And if you want to bet I'll double you
A global revolution is at stake but you don't see
History frowns on such hypocrisy 

Odyssey Dawn 

Odyssey Dawn means global revolution
Odyssey Dawn means ancient values rule anew
Odyssey Dawn means we think beyond warfare
To where the music of new freedom will ring true 


Conflict unresolved spawns every evil
A house that is divided will not stand
Conflict unresolved is homicidal
Jesus knew and we'd best understand 

Our Task 

Democracy protects the rights of all
But many think that order is too tall 
Too much injustice we all fall 
Come spread the word the universal call

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