The Jesus of "Abba's Way" does not proselytize

My words were plain back then, they are plain now;
Rejoice. Take Abba in. Receive his love.
You are a spectrum, primal to sublime;
You overcome when Abba lifts you up.
Come celebrate. Learn silence. Then create.
You are a calling from Abba’s great heart
To be, and to become, a strong beacon;
To build new values earth can depend on.
Judge not. But be a light that can be seen.
Judge not. But let the world know Abba’s way.
Judge not. For Abba works in everything.
Let Abba’s wisdom shine in all you say.

The Jesus of "Abba's Way" does not proselytize
He calls us to simplicities that confound this world 
He understands the reality of humanness
His "judge not" is a gateway to a delicious liberty

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