Mildred Purse Calls for Men in White Coats to Cart Romney Away

Capture him before he lies us all into a ditch deeper than any we have known before. We have a pathological liar loose in the land. He has demonic speech writers who turn things that are true into lies. He delights in duping us all. He forgets that his predecessor and role model Bush 2 left many more dead than perished at the hands of terrorists. Believe me Romney will exceed every disastrous benchmark left by Bush 2. Romney is Risk Squared, W to the third nefarious power. He will prove that the real terror lies in allowing a crazed, compass-less, serial liar to roam at large.  
Capture him now before he strikes again.
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Sensible Economy Brigade

The Slow as Molasses Press