Mildred Purse Says The Pot is Filled with Filthy Lucre

Money Rules in Washington Politics - NYTimes.com: "The candidate who truly wants to impress voters would put an end to special-access retreats for big donors and would promise not to check a donation list when granting White House access. Mr. Obama, in particular, promised in 2008 to fix a “broken” public financing system that allows oversize donations. He opted out of the system, and the country is still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled."

I am at a loss. Our Dear President is no Mitt Romney. He is at least capable of shame. But how can I slam Mitt with appropriate flair if I must also admit that our President is feeding at the same trough. I suppose folk will call me naive. I choose to think that I am speaking for the nauseated majority. We don't know if it would make a massive difference and Romney would not stop if the President did, but somewhere in all this there is a solution. I've got it. Mr. President, line your fat cats up on a stage and make them dance in unison with large signs around their necks proclaiming who they are and what they hope to get for their filthy lucre. It's the least you can do. Do not be the instrument of  your own destruction.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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